Being specialists in FMCG & Retailing gives GRG Recruitment that ability to understand the complexities of the Markets.  Being the only Recruitment company accredited and endorsed by probably the largest committee of members within the FMCG & retail arena (the British Frozen Food Federation) undoubtedly supports this view. You’ll find GRG Recruitment to be professional, knowledgeable, supportive, friendly and thorough.

Once a detailed and thorough registration has occurred between you and a specialist consultant, we operate in two distinctive ways:

(1) Reactive ~ Through our extensive portfolio of key clients we are continuously working with repeat business clients across the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe.  Those roles where a match is evident, you will be contacted and informed immediately. GRG Recruitment will give you a detailed and specific job description, company information, sector understanding and as much additional information as possible, plus discuss all the positives and all the potential challenges of the opportunity, so you know exactly the scenario you are applying for and not a hyped up sales pitch that you may have experienced from other agencies.  Furthermore, you will be given the appropriate amount of time to have a think and be sure about applying officially for the role. Your Cv will not go forward for any role unless you are 100% happy. Secondly…

(2) Pro-Active. The views of any GRG Consultant is simple.  Why spend a significant amount of time getting to know and understand a candidate and then wait to see what happens.  As the old saying goes: “If Mohammed wont go to the mountain, move the mountain to Mohammed”.  By working in partnership with you, a target list of appropriate companies is composed.  Through our exceptional and attractive portfolio of accessible contacts across the market we go out there and actually speak with the key and influential decision makers, promoting your skill set and discuss your ability to add value to their business.  We don’t mention who you are or where you work for obvious reasons. The interest that is generated is again discussed with you in great detail and if, and only then, you are happy for us to reveal your full identity and arrange a meeting, will we  then progress things further with the client.

Therefore the GRG way is one of professionalism, thoroughness, knowledge, honesty, being supportive in a dedicated partnership and thus making a difficult decision, become an easy one.