GRG Recruitment goes to the decision makers and promotes you, your skills, expertise and achievements to potential employers. However, an impressive CV is an essential tool at the early stage of the selection process. Nothing says more about your skills, competence and professionalism than a well presented and concise CV. This document is your initial window of opportunity to stand aside from the competition and secure a face to face meeting with a future employer.

Below are some tips from our expertise that will help your CV make a positive and memorable impression:

Curriculum Vitae

Personal & Contact Details

This needs to be kept simple to create space for the real detail potential employers will be looking for as CVs should only be 2 or 3 pages long.

  • If your education is strong eg Masters degree or degree, then highlight what you studied, when, where and grade. Similar to any “relevant” qualifications or certificates. Don’t put things like “grade 3 in flute” or “stage 1 in lifeguard duties” as irrelevant and again, only takes up precious space on your CV.
  • If you only have limited education, probably best to leave it out and let your job skills and achievements do the talking.
  • Regarding your status, if you’re married with 5 dependants, keep it professional and don’t list all their names, ages, favourite colours and why you love them and your partner so much.



Employment History:


This is by far the most important section of your CV where prospective employers will focus on your past experiences and gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses.


  • Most clients will only be interested or ask about your most recent roles (last 3-5 years) or companies that are in direct competition to themselves. Therefore our advice would be to detail it out from most recent employment at the top working back, with less information given the further back you go.
  • Position/Company/ Dates. Never assume that people know or have heard of the companies that you have previously worked for, therefore write a line on who exactly your employers are (even provide a website link if you feel). Regarding dates, illustrate what months, as a CV that just shows the years promotes suspicion, if you’ve been out of work for whatever reason between jobs, that’s fine, honesty is always the best way and these things will only come up later.

Furthermore, if you have unfortunately been made redundant in your time, state it on your CV, otherwise the client will only assume you’re a “job hopper” and left of your own accord.

  • Responsibilities: Highlight what you do in a few bullet points (around 5 being sensible but enough to highlight what you do –with less given the further back you go in your career history)
  • Achievements (Facts & Figures) –put yourself in the clients shoes, all the National Account Managers CVs they look at for example will say things like “grew my accounts” or “hit target across…”.  Therefore, differentiate yourself by incorporating facts and figures within your achievements.  If you don’t know the numbers, go away and find them as this will help sell yourself, not just now but in the interview as well (see Candidate Interview Pack)


Employment History

May 2005 –Present                                    Sales Controller                        GRG Soft Drinks

GRG Soft Drinks is the 3rd largest supplier of Soft Drinks to the major UK Grocery multiples with turnover of £150 million.


Responsibilities as Sales Controller

  • Responsible for the coaching and development of 3 National Account Managers and 1 NAE.
  • Tasked with increasing volume and profitability across Tesco’s, ASDA and Morrisons.
  • Total Turnover being £80m (Tesco’s being £60m, ASDA £15m, Morrisons £5m)
  • Designed and implemented 3 year multi-functional joint business plan matching the needs of both GRG Soft Drinks and that of my 3 allocated accounts.
  • Hands on capacity in negotiating pricing and promotional launches of new SKUs


  • Have grown Tesco’s from £45m to £60m since joining,
  • ASDA by 10% and Morrison by 5%
  • Implemented 7 new SKUs across all accounts over the last 3 years
  • Won NPD Product Launch for ASDA in 2008 and again in 2009
  • Increased volume by 6% YOY and profit by 8% YOY
  • Awarded Category Captainancy with Morrisons
  • Trained and developed 2 NAEs to become NAMs and 1 NAM to become promoted elsewhere within the GRG Group.


As mentioned, the further back you go the less information is really required to maintain a structure to your CV and relevance over the 2/3 pages. However, keep in mind the point of differentiating yourself with key achievements and responsibilities from others who may be applying for this role.

Hobbies and interests. This gives a simple indication of your personality.  Keep this brief and again professional.  The reason why we believe hobbies and interests are useful to put down is that these are typically used as ice breakers by the clients at the beginning of your interview or friendly endings.  If you’re lucky you may find that the interviewer has similar interests, again adding to positive impression along the way.


Hobbies and Interests:

I am the current coach of my sons Under 7s Football team, and take an active involvement in both Tennis and Swimming when time permits.



…And finally, References:

‘References available on request’ is the standard line.  However, if you have or can obtain actual references from Buyers that you have worked with in the past, this is a very powerful element to your application and in helping you differentiate yourself from others applying for the same role.  If you don’t have access to these references, then don’t worry, and sticking to ‘References available on request’ is perfectly fine.