As specialists in FMCG and Retail, we understand the nature of your business, your requirements, the complexities of roles and sectors etc more than most. The fact that we are the only recruitment company accredited and endorsed by one of the largest committee groups in the FMCG arena (the British Frozen Food Federation) supports this view that we do offer a greater service and understanding than most in these intricate and complicated sectors of FMCG and Retail. In difficult times this reassurance and specialism is vital in selecting an agency that will deliver on their promises again and again.

Solutions/ Processes

At GRG Recruitment every recruitment campaign we undergo is unique. Different criteria’s, specs, markets, and so on.

As specialists in FMCG & Retail we are in the perfect position to understand and professionally advise on the most effective and efficient methods of recruiting within the FMCG or Retailing Markets based upon your specific remits, time frames and desires.

The solution may be:

  • Contingency – a no placement, no fee approach.
  • Retained Advertising – generating a greater pool of candidates across a wider spectrum.
  • Retained Targetted Approach –generating specific individuals where skill set is essential.
  • Retained Advertising plus a Targetted Approach –The most comprehensive of all.

To discuss how GRG operates under each one of these approaches, then please do not hesitate to contact a GRG Recruitment consultant at

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